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About BMWConnect

Connect Centrafuse with your BMW!

Now you can use Steering Wheel Buttons to control Centrafuse functions (any you want from Hotkey list in CF Settings), make some changes in car settings and it provides a full OnBoard computer with two sets of data (general and daily usage) with option of automatic reset every day.


  • Use Steering Wheel or BoardMonitor buttons to control Centrafuse! (you must configure Hotkeys in CF Setting - see "Configuration" page for sample configuration).

    BMW M5 E39 - inside

    You can use all Steering Wheel buttons:
    - Volume up
    - Volume down
    - Next button (short and long press)
    - Previous button (short and long press)
    - R/T button
    - Voice button (short and long press)

  • Board Monitor:
    - All buttons (short press)
    - Volume knobe (turn and short press)
    - Right knobe (turn and short press)

  • OnBoard Computer with two sets of data - general, daily. This second can reset automatically every day (see BMWConnect settings). Also you can reset data manually by pressing it.

  • Change car settings like:
    - units(temperature, speed, distance, consumption, time format)
    - consumption correction (recommended for cars with highly modified engines)
    - synchronizing car time with PC
    - car language
  • BMWConnect, OnBoard Computer

    BMWConnect, Setup

    What else do I need to use it?

    iBus interface connected to your CarPC, can be with Collision Detection (RECOMENDED), e.g.
    - Reslers iBus interface (

    or you can also use some other without collision detection (switch it off in BMWConnect Settings), e.g.:


    Cars: BMW E38, E39, E53 and E46.
    Centrafuse: 3.5.16 to 4.3.6

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